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Henry Dry Goods

Henry Dry Goods Women's Sweatshirt

Henry Dry Goods Women's Sweatshirt

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Henry Dry Goods has created a custom sweatshirt exclusively for Eastern Little League families, alumni, and fans. The sweatshirt comes in two color options, heather gray or white, and is available in women's sizes ranging from S to XXXL.

The sweatshirts are made of 80% cotton, which means they may shrink if washed and dried. It is recommended that customers adjust their size accordingly to ensure the best fit.

The women's version of the sweatshirt features a deconstructed design on the sides and cuffs, with navy stitching adding a stylish touch. The slit design on the sides and cuffs offers a unique look and comfortable fit.

Overall, the Henry Dry Goods custom sweatshirt is a great way for Eastern Little League supporters to show their pride and stay cozy at the same time.

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